The Swedish tiled stove is a 17th century invention. During the 19th and 20th century, tiled stoves were the main source of heating.

Our tiled stove model Lapponia is a round old fashion styled fireplace with craft made tiles and. It is very easy to place and stylish, both against a smooth wall as in corner areas. Lapponia is supplied in a kit form and can with a radiation plate back (accessory) be placed 5 cm from the combustible wall. Lapponia's large glas panels enable a lovely fire place feeling. The efficient design enables efficient heat spread for almost 24 hours after making of the fire.

The customer can choose between a traditional brass cover or a modern gilt door.

Height: 2223 mm
Diameter: 808 mm
Weight: ca 1150 kg
Connection: Top or Back (150mm)
Powert: 2-10 kw
Equiped with ashbox,
Prepared for air connection