Svea Flame Göteborg

The Svea Flame Göteborg is what is known as a spirit stove. It does not require any chimney connection and no fire barrier is needed. The stove can be sited practically anywhere in a home and it arrives ready to use. No building application is required; simply unpack the stove, position in a suitable location as per the instructions, fill with liquid and light your first fire. It couldn't be simpler. The stove is available in black, grey or white enamel. Marble top and base are optional extras.

A large front glass panel and two glass panels on each side gives a delightful view of the dancing flames, impresses anyone who comes to visit. Always use Karneval stove fuel. Let the containers cool approx. 15 minutes befor refueling. With the two standard containers the liquid will burn for about one hour. Do not fill with liquid when the stove is in operation or hot!! Always use Karneval stove fuel.


Optional extras
• Marble top
• Marble base